Mission: L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation Mission is to remain dedicated to the highest quality of integrated health, wellness, and education delivered with Integrity, Excellence, and Passion.

Vision: L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation Vision is to be Arizona’s Leading Mental Health Resource switchboard.

Purpose: L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation Purpose is to educate the community on mental health by addressing racial disparities, misconceptions, and the lack of adequate integrated care.

Our Story: L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation was founded by two sisters who experienced mental health firsthand through their older sister’s struggle with Schizophrenia. After their sister passed they worked together using their 30 plus years of experience in the Health Care and Business arena to develop a program based on the lack of integrated care for easier accessibility, quality education, and to promote overall wellness and quality of life.


L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation was created as a pathway to improving the gaps in services including need for increased education on the connection between mental and physical health, recognizing an overwhelmed American healthcare system’s struggle with misdiagnosis due to lack of family support decreasing accurate collateral information, increased homelessness due to lack of funding sources and available placement options, and lack of full community integrated due to misconceptions and biases toward individuals with mental health diagnoses.


L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation uses major platforms and community events to increase community awareness. Programs include:

1. Mental Health Seminars

2. Mental Health Educational Classes

3. Public Safety Trainings

4. Outreach and Advocacy


L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation is dedicated to providing the needed services required for seeking recovery to live productive and fulfilling lives including:

1. Homeless Support

2. Financial Literacy Programs

3. Equine Therapy

4. Health and Wellness Fairs

5. Self-Care Events


L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation promotes healthy business practices and delivers on mission to increase awareness and education by:

1. Sponsoring a Continuing Education program for direct care staff

2. Conducting ongoing community analysis on gaps in services

3. Collaborating with established mental health organizations

4. Providing natural products at affordable prices which promote general appearance, adequate sleep, and overall wellness.


L3 Integrated Mental and Behavioral Foundation stays connected to the growing demand for telehealth work by reaching out through online platforms including:

1. Zoom Supportive Counseling

2. Zoom Socialization Activities

3. Producing a Weekly Mental Health Podcast

4. Promoting De-stigmatization efforts on Social Media platforms

5. Increasing accessibility to telehealth support

Current Resources

L3 has gained the respect and support of community members and currently have masked a network of:
1. Mental health small businesses
2. Veteran Service Organizations
3. Mental Health Practitioners
4. Event Centers

Special Populations

1. L3IMB responded to the stress-inducing COVID-19 crisis by offering a facility for those with mental health concerns who are experiencing symptoms.
2. L3IMB services members with a primary and secondary PTSD diagnosis.


It takes a village to make a difference. Help us continue to make change and impact lives.